Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Week 19: Rails Passion Course

  1. Rails Example Application - Flickr Application (Week 19)
  2. Presentation - there is no presentation.
  3. Resources - there is no resources.
  4. Homework - There is no Homework this week/unit.
  5. 5541_rails_flickr_app.zip (Unzip it in a directory of your choice and read lab document from /rails_flickr_app/index.html to proceed) (6/2/09: Downloaded)
  6. Online lab document/ Change Log (This is the same document you will find in the hands-on lab zip file) (6/6/2009: Started over)
  7. (1.1) Already had Flicker API Key, so skipped this step. (p.2-3)
  8. (1.2) Checked and already had Flickr gem (1.0.2), so skipped this step. (p.3-8).
  9. (1.3) Created brand new rails project (flickr0606). (p.8-12)
  10. (1.4) Create brand new database, flickr0606_development. Also moved project under RAILSPASSION directory. (p.12-14)
  11. (1.5) Add Flickr settings to project's environment.rb file. Also added my pass key. (p.14-17)
  12. (1.6) Define a layout and stylesheet. I created a new layout file, application.rhtml. NOTE THAT NETBEANS FOUND A ERROR IN THE SUPPLIED FILE. Unclear how to fix it. Also created a brand new CSS file, flickr.css. (p.17-23)
  13. (1.7) Create a controller, flickr, but only after removing the two "require" statements in the config/environment.rb file. Also added supplied search method to flickr controller. (p.25-30)
  14. (1.8) Modified index.html.erb with supplied text, but Netbeans found 2 errors - unclear how to fix them. Then created brand new Partial, _photo, file, but Netbeans found 1 error - unclear how to fix it. (p.30-35)
  15. (1.9) Set URL routing: Modify routes.rb and renaming index.html. (p.35-38)
  16. (1.10) Ran the application and got the web page, but when I typed in "Netbeans and select "Find" I got "ArgumentError in FlickrController#search;
    wrong # of arguments(3 for 0)" (p.38-41)
  17. Watched: http://media.rubyonrails.org/video/flickr-rails-ajax.mov
  18. Found this: http://snippets.dzone.com/posts/show/3493
  19. Also Found this: http://weblogs.java.net/blog/bleonard/archive/2007/03/building_a_ruby.html
  20. Finally got it to run by running it from the command line. (p.41)
  21. (1.11) Copied spinner.gif to public/images directory. Also modified index.rhtml.erb file with supplied text. (p.41-44)
  22. Run it again. (6/6/2009: It worked so I packaged it up and emailed my last homework/lesson)

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